Where Are They Hiding?

Despite the name suggesting carpet beetles, there are other places where these pests could invade within your home and survive. The following are key areas where you are likely to encounter with carpet beetles.

  • Wardrobes

Inside your wardrobe, you are likely to encounter these tiny oval-shaped pest feeding on the textile in clothes. Most people would tend to ignore the closets and thinks the bedbug could only invade it. Check on well and get rid of these harmful pests before they destroy your clothes.

  • Basements And Attics

Basements would be the last place where you would think of finding these pests but believe you me these pests invade these places. Mostly they feed on the dead birds and also look after their nest. Anytime you are doing your clean- up you should ensure you look at the basement wall.

  • Corners Of Your Houses

Every house has corners somewhere, and we rarely pay much attention to these places and little we know these are carpet beetle’s hideouts. In the corners, these pests will be preying on the dead spiders and other types of insects which makes them stay there for longer.

  • On The Base Of Your Sofa

How often do you move your sofa set or beds, well you may be rearing some carpet beetles which are always there in high numbers looking for covered fabric? These pests spend most of their time eating, and they would move from one base to the other looking for upholstered bed and sofas.

  • Inside Your Car

Your expensive car would be walking around with some invaders passengers in the name of carpet beetles. We have carpets in the car which would attract these pests, and it would call for determination and consistency to eradicate these unwanted pests.

  • Discarded Clothes

    I Am sure you have some clothes which have not been worn for a long time, and you have discarded them somewhere in the house. You will find these pests there looking for some textiles to feed on. Get rid of these harmful pests before they destroy your clothes.

    The next time you see a bedbug in your bed and think you are only invaded by a bedbug, only you should look at the above areas and find out whether you have different species in your home. Due to the high rate of breeding by the carpet beetles, they would multiply in numbers and becomes a problem to eradicates them. Also, due to the resemblance of these two different species, you are likely to confuse and use a different method which would work less.

    • Beneath Your Car Seats

    Your precious car would be having a lot of carpet beetles which would in the hid out feeding on the textiles of the seat. You can only realize these pests after you have taken a vacuum cleaning of your car. Try out today, and you will get rid of all the carpet beetles in your home and car.

    • Inside Car Carpet

    Your car carpet would have some pests in the name of the carpet beetles which would be feeding on the carpet fibre. It is good to ensure that your carpet gets cleaned well and this would make all the pests to get eliminated within a short period. Most of the car owners do not clean the carpets which give room for the carpet beetles to invade and feed on the dirt and the carpet fibre.

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