Before we could look at how the carpet beetles came into your home, it’s good to look at the signs which you would look to know if these pests are there. When it comes to the carpet beetles, they are usually attracted to pollen, nectar, light, and also food sources. Due to these factors, it makes these pests to be invaders of every place where they go. When they have invaded your home, you can look at the following signs.

  • Carpet beetle destroys book covers, photos and also all paperwork.

  • Damages animal products like fur and feather

  • Create holes and damages carpets and rugs

  • Sheds skins due to growth transformation from the larvae to the adults.

Once you see these signs in your home, it would be a clear indication you have carpet beetles in your home. These pests have similar damages to other pests, which makes people confuse them.


  • Poor Housekeeping

Carpet beetles are associated with dirt, and they would always invade your house if there is poor housekeeping. For instance, the larvae mostly feed on dust and lint, which still characterize the dirt house. Most people do not clean their carpet thoroughly, which gives rooms for the invasion of these pests in search of the dust. In your dirty carpets, it has some fibre as results of the dust, which would increase the chance of the carpet beetles. You need to ensure that your carpet is cleaned regularly to ensure that you eradicate these pests in your home entirely. For instance, you will need to ensure that you change your air filter in a more routine manner, which would ensure that you prevent all the pests in the house.

  • Stained Clothing

Research indicates that most of the carpet beetles would be attracted to stain clothes and feed on the textiles in the clothes. For instance, the carpet beetles would get attracted to perspirations stains and stick in such clothes for an extended period unless you get rid of them. There are some clothes which have some linen, wool, and also synthetic materials which makes the carpets beetles stick in such garments. Many people have abandoned their clothes which were either dirt and thus making them become a hotbed of these pests. For example, you might be having some clothes which you use to wear and abandon for some time and leave the dirt.

  • Poor Storage of Animal-Based Materials

According to the research which was conducted by the various researcher in the University it shows that pests are caused by some animal-based materials which include fur, wool, and feathers. Maybe in your home, you have some animals’ materials which would attract some pests. Most of these materials cause some odour smells which attracts most these species and thus causing some species to breed and increase in the numbers. It is good to identify all the animal materials to get rid of these pests.

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