How to Get Rid of Carpet Worms

If there is one thing you should be scared of, it’s the presence of carpet worms in your home. And that’s why today, we will be looking at where these worms come from and how to get rid of them.

An Overview

Carpet worms are often capable of badly destroying one’s clothing, carpet and other fabric materials found in our homes. The most lethal ones are those in the larval stage, which often appear to be hairy little worms. They are mostly seen in carpets, clothes and sometimes, food products.

Types of Carpet Worms

There are three primary forms of carpet worms which include, the furniture carpet worm, the varied carpet worm, and the black carpet worm. Overall, these worms can all make you feel uncomfortable lying on your carpet. So, with that being said, where do they come from?

Where Do They Come?

Most worms often come from damp places like beneath a plant, sometimes mud, and so on. And even though their capacity to destroy may not be as visible as that of beetles, still, it’s often regarded as an eye-saw to come across it while lying or walking on your carpet. And as you’d expect, they often come into your homes through lose openings perhaps on doors, windows, uncoupled electrical circuit outlet, and so on.

Carpet worms are known to infest a lot of household items like wool carpet, oriental rugs, wool clothing items, and so on.

In other scenarios, these worms are attracted to animal hides on mounted trophies or the fur on the carcass of a dead animal that may have gotten trapped in your walls or chimney. Other than that, they take profound solace carpet arrangements and specific kinds of potpourri, which happens to serve as an ideal food source for carpet worms.

How to Kill Carpet Worms?

Regardless of how most people would love to underestimate the power of larvae such as carpet worms, and the rest, still, it is pivotal that one should adequately do away with them not only in or near their carpet but everywhere around their home. And from records, this can only be done through a carefully examined cleaning process.

It’s essential for the cleaning to be thorough because most carpet works are often borne as a result of bad cleaning habits, which therefore means that, one needs to engage in an intense daily cleaning to eradicate the infestation quickly.

Method 1

The best way to get rid of carpet worm’s larvae is by sprinkling diatomaceous earth over the carpet. And for those who don’t know, diatomaceous earth is the skeletal remains of diatoms, an ancient form of algae. Although it is not harmful to humans and other mammals, it is, however, very lethal to insects and worms, as the earth’s sharp edges often find its way into worms and their larvae before getting rid of them.

Method 2

Another way to get rid of carpet worms, just like any other carpet nuisance, is through the use of vacuum cleaners not only on carpets but on furniture and wet surfaces like couch walls, bedding, and so on, to prevent infestations. The rule of thumb is that vacuum cleaning your home regularly will make it highly uncomfortable for these carpet worms to have a place of habitat anywhere around your home.

Method 3

In most improvements store, you can find what is often known as “Carpet Shampoo.” With this shampoo, the larvae of these carpet worms will get killed instantly, as soon as they come in contact with it. Thus, when cleaning your furniture or dusting, endeavour to soak a piece of fabric in cold water and include the shampoo, before cleaning the surfaces. For the carpet to be adequately disinfected from the warms, you should use the shampoo on it for at most two times every week.

Method 4

After the carpet is done drying, vacuum clean the carpet once more, to get rid of dead larvae that may be on it. And as soon as you’re done, empty it in a trash can and throw it away to prevent the crawling in of the larvae.



To prevent the entrance of carpet worms into your home, also see to it that every hole and entry point into your home is adequately sealed.


Another contributing factor to the presence of carpet worms is if the area is a swampy type, with lots of wet and muddy ground. Also, always try as much as possible to avoid wetting your carpet.


Although not scientifically proven, the colour of light could have an impact on the number of carpet worms that may infest your home. As such, it is advised for one to switch their bulbs from fluorescent to the yellow “bug light” ones. However, if after all is said and done, you still can’t seem to get rid of the carpet worms, then you might need to get yourself a new carpet.

So, if you never knew what carpet worm was, or you were looking for ways to kill them in your home, we hope this article helped with that. Cheers!

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