Like every other domestic pest, there are always some techniques one could adopt in getting rid of them completely. And while these strategies differ depending on the parasite in questions, we are going to have a look today at how one, can get rid of small beetles from their homes.

Beetles come in diverse shapes, sizes and colours. That’s why we have the small beetles which of course is small, click beetles which are long and slender, the lady beetles and June beetles (also known as June bugs), which often have a rounded or oval shape and so on. Some always have the resemblance of a spider, if not carefully observed.

Characteristics of Small Beetles

Small beetles often have antennae and chewing mouthparts. Also, they have shell-like front wings known as elytra. These front wings are usually sturdy and appear more like a shell than wings. The beetle folds the front wings, so they cover the back wings. They are durable and waterproof, serving as protection against damage and dehydration. Most adults seem to have a line down their back where the two front wings meet. Beetles are often weak fliers.

How Small Beetles Get Into One’s Home

There a lot of things that attract small beetles into one’s homes. And these causal factors often include when a homeowner, stores grains and packaged foods, garden plants, wood, or fabric, which are all meals for small beetles to feed on. Other than storing these products, a homeowner can accidentally introduce small beetles into their homes if they buy an infested product.

Lastly, these beetles could find a way into one’s house through holes and cracks on windows, as a result of shelter. This often happens during the winter period, when they try to avoid cold weathers outside and make it into people’s homes to seek fortress. As soon as they get into one’s home, they may hide in one’s foreword and lumber, furniture, potted plants packages, rugs, carpets, closets and so on.

Effects of Small Beetles

They are kinds of small beetles which are classified based on the damage they cause. These types include;

Fabric-Infesting Small Beetles

These type of beetles are attracted to wool drawn fabrics in one’s home, be it a window blind, or a piece of cloth. They prey on these fabrics, by gradually feeding on them, and making holes all over.

Food Product Small Beetles

As the name implies, this kind of small beetles is solely attracted to food items like grains and so on. So, when they get into one’s home, the first place they look out for is your food storage.

Wood-Destroying Small Beetles

This kind of small beetles feeds on wood materials in one’s home like furniture and the rest. In the long run, as a result of their drilling and boring process, they could make the furniture or whatever wood structure they are preying on, to collapse or become redundant. When this happens, it is often advisable for homeowners to make a replacement for the safety and comfort of their home.

Generally, all a small beetle does in one’s home is to damage their product. So, if you happen to find yourself in such a disheartening situation, how can you get rid of these small beetles?

How to get rid of small beetles?

Habitat Reduction & Non-Chemical Treatments

Small beetles can be gotten rid of through the use of a vacuum or any other means of evacuation. But to further enhance the efficacy of this method, you can contact a pest control expert, who will provide you with advice on which of the beetles can be effectively controlled using this approach.


Other than using chemicals, sometimes you need to take laws into your hand and inspect your household items and spaces one after the other. Better still, always take a close look at your foodstuff, fabrics and wooden objects, before bringing them into the house. This will help prevent the introduction, or multiplication of these small beetles in your home.


As you’ve probably known by now, always try and regulate the temperature of your home, especially during the winter period. Small beetles love moist and humid areas because not only does it support their body system, but it also helps in fostering the growth of their larvae. So, ensure that you make life unbearable for them by always keeping your home’s temperature regulated.


Small beetles are often attracted to one’s home when they are so many bright and attractive lights illuminating the house. Thus, always endeavour to use dim lights, and possibly seal any loose entrance that might give way for a pest like beetles to get into your home.


Other than using a vacuum or any other cleaning apparatus, always practice overall home hygiene by discarding waste foods that promote beetle development and reproduction, as soon as possible. You can achieve this by mastering the art of not always procrastinating things that have to do with leftovers or other food storages. And not only foods, but you should also always try your best and avoid the accumulating old fabrics. Instead, always clean out your closets regularly, to reduce or prevent the chances of a fabric beetle infestation.

So, next time you find small beetles in your home, you can get rid of them by using either a chemical spray or fumigator, maintaining the temperature of your home, avoiding bright lights, and practising good home hygiene. Doing these will certainly make your home a living hell for small beetles. Chers!

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